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    Powerbooster adheres to the business concept of People-oriented and has always taken staff selecting, employing, educating and developing as the priorities of human resources management, and strives to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of our staff to build a high-quality talent team, so as to achieve our corporate strategic goals.


  Talent Strategy:

    1, Find the talents, give them enough resources and powers to do their best;

    2, Promote and reward the best employees, give them incredible salaries;

    3, Provide the most comprehensive training and development opportunities for the best employees;

    4, Make full reserve of talents to achieve powerbooster's development strategy and long-term goal.

    Talent Concept:

    Powerbooster adheres to the talent concept of “Virtue First, Combination of Ability and Integrity, and Selecting the Capable People”. Powerbooster emphasizes on moral cultivation, communication and service mentality, sense of responsibility and teamwork awareness of employees, while establishing an open, equitable, competitive, comprehensive, preferential and merited selection & appointment mechanism to provide career development path for all staff.

    Powerbooster respects the fundamental rights of employees, establishes a harmonious and collaborative working environment to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all staff and offers a platform for everyone to display his talents.