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Powerbooster actively develops various learning channels and integrates different training resources to provide various easy training accesses for the employees who are eager to learn and have clear career goals, such as internal training courses, open courses, internal team building trainings, reading circles, film appreciation, library, further education, etc. 

Powerbooster's career training programs are customized for the staff's upgrading positions, which arrange a wide range of compulsory and elective courses and encourages employees to participate in the training programs to rapidly obtain the knowledge and skills needed for the future promotions.


Powerbooster carries out a positive plan for talent team building to enable the associate trainees to follow the development path of "production - technology - R & D - the core research team", and the associate trainees are led by world-class professionals to rapidly enhance their professional value. 

The rapid development of Powerbooster is the prerequisite for the introduction, growth and development of talents, and its personnel training mechanism creates all kinds of opportunities for the stability and growth of the successive talents. 

To satisfy the practical work and employee's personal needs, we provide training to improve employees' quality and ability, thus enhancing the company's viability and competitiveness. Every employee has the equal chance to accept training. 

    Training Includes:

    1, Pre-job training: before work, new employees should take the pre-job training courses within a month, which include but not limit to: company profile, company culture, professionalism, personnel rules and regulations, training and development, safety education, reward and punishment, basic knowledge of products, company system knowledge etc.

    2, In-service skills training: training of skills and knowledge required for the position, learning of job-related knowledge and skills, deepening of professional knowledge and skills and training of high-efficient job skills.

    3, Career development training: training and learning of the modern concept, training and seminars of management knowledge and skills, in-service education and advance study in colleges, short-term overseas working chance, short-term overseas study or trip experience, potential development training, career development required knowledge and skills training etc.