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     Running out of lithium batteries in less than one day becomes the biggest worry for many people while using smart phones and other electronic products. Released on Feb 20th 2014 at Xiamen University, the new additive based on graphene technology is expected to solve this problem.

    At"graphene application technology seminar" that held on the same day, Powerbooster Technology issued the latest achievements. This silicon-based high energy anode materials for additives can significantly enhance battery capacity and has high stability.

    Lithium batteries are widely used in mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebook computers, wearable electronics, electric vehicles and many other products. Under normal use, a 2500 mAh lithium battery can barely be used for a whole day,therefore the industry has been trying to achieve a breakthrough in battery capacity, however the upgrade of the lithium battery capacity has encountered a technical bottleneck.

    At the seminar, it is mentioned that the excellent conductive properties of graphene can improve the conductivity of the electrode material, and then enhance the lithium-ion battery charge and discharge rate; two-dimensional graphene layered structure can inhibit the pulverization of the electrode material caused by volume change during charge and discharge; graphene can greatly improve the lithium battery on large current charging and discharge performance, cycle stability and security.

    It is expected that the new technology lithium-ion battery capacity can be increased by 20% in the short term, and in 3-5 years it’s quite possible the percentage can up to 50%.

    In addition to greatly enhance in capacity, the new technology can shorten the charging time exponentially, make electric vehicles running more than 500 kilometers on a single charge exercise to promote electric vehicles to enter the home application as soon as possible.

    Powerbooster Technology is an international leader in graphene application research, the company is committed to promoting graphene application in industry and real-life.