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    Different top research centers all over the world are focusing on the development potential of graphene. Graphene is a highly flexible new materials, which is tougher than diamond, but pliable and flexible. Graphene is currently the world's best electrical conductor and thermal conductor, has a wide range of applications. As a company foucusing on graphene technology, Powerbooster Technology is among the first batch to enter the large-area graphene flexible touch screen market. The professional technology investment foundation IDG capital is one of its shareholders. Mr. Liang Zaichong, President from Powerbooster Technology said the company plans to invest a total of $ 150 million over the next three years to develop graphene mobile device market.

    Mr Liang said, graphene flexible touch screen has many advantages compared to traditional ITO touch screen. Graphene flexible touch screen can be foldable, can be applied to all shapes and irregular sizes types of panel, saving electricity, and show better performance. More importantly, graphene touch screen can achieve lower cost, and is the best alternative for ITO touch screen for manufacturers and consumers. Powerbooster Technology is ushering in a huge market, and has a huge potential of future development.

    Powerbooster Technology’s R&D team consists of about 50 research professionals. The company focuses on graphene and its commercial applications, and has accumulated a wealth of experience till now. Mr. Liang continued, We are the pioneer of graphene flexible touch screen, are capable of producing large-area flexible touch screen. This technology provides us with unlimited growth potential, including markets of mobile phones, portable tablet computers and electronic display ect. So far, the market’s response for our product prototype are overwhelming.

    Graphene is carbon atom which only has one atom thickness. This particular arrangement of atoms in graphene has unique characteristics. Graphene is superb electrical conductor and thermal conductor, current flow in the graphene is faster than in any other known material. Thermal energy transfer quickly in graphene, making it the best heat conductor so far. Most importantly, graphene is the thinnest and strongest material in the world currently.