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OGS Touch Screen Introduction


Depositing a transparent conductive film on the cover glass

and creating a capacitive sensor,

making the cover glass also function as the protective glass.

Powerbooster's New Generation OGS Touch Screen

1、Using core coating equipment, achieving low-temperature deposition of ITO
2、Using core coating technics, achieving thinner ITO and better translucent

3、Using plasma vanishing technique, achieving vanishing effect without IM layer

4、Using laser etching, achieving high efficiency, simple and environmental friendly technics.

5、First printing inks, then achieving white OGS and OGS of various colors

6、Monolithic process OGS, first CG strengthening, printing
7、Flexible production, can achieve small batch production


Powerbooster Touch Technology

1、Small piece OGS (TOL technology)
2、OGS full lamination technology

3、G1F: combination of OGS and film

4、Medium and large size of TP technology

5、Graphene TP technology
6、Flexible wearable TP technology
7、Ultrathin TP technology (0.1mm touch area)

Advantages of Technology

1、CG processing, sensor production, TP module, OGS full lamination assembly one-stop service
2、Monolithic TOL technology, strength is guaranteed and product is more reliable.
3、First printing inks, then achieve white OGS and OGS of various colors
4、Mature technology, with OGS yield over 80%
5、Obtaining kinds of PVD and CVD coating technology
6、Advanced and unique laser technology
7、The first supplier of large area graphene CVD growth technology in the world.
8、The first supplier of large area graphene CVD equipment worldwide.
9、Continuous R&D and technology upgrades, low-cost OGS scalable G1F, even graphene G1F technology.  
10、Medium and large size of TP technology, OGS multi-touch metal jump technology  

Equipment Advantages

1、Low-investment production line. With one fifth of industrial average investment level to build the OGS production lines, strong overall competitiveness.
2、Fast production line building (less than three months before putting into production), with rapid capacity expansion ability.
3、Clean production line and simple management, with high efficiency.
4、Strong flexible production line, capable of producing single-touch OGS, single-layer multi-touch, AR vanishing and anti-reflection products, to adapt to processes like OGS, G1F, flexible TP, wearable TP, ultrathin TP, etc.
5、Short production process, short production cycle, and faster product delivery time.
6、The whole industry chain technology is not conditioned by raw materials or ITO membrane materials.
7、Mature industrialization, little dependence on skilled staff, little requirement for too many skilled jobs, the new employees can learn it quickly.